Brian Whalley

Brian┬ádelivers training programmes for Accounting Officers, Sub-Accounting Officers and Accountable Officers in London Belfast and Cardiff. He also has extensive experience in design and delivery of governance programmes for board members of NDPBs and other arm’s length bodies.

What Public Accountability Training Ltd (PAT) offers

Public Accountability Training Limited is a small training consultancy run by former civil servant Brian Whalley, and provides a range of programmes in governance and accountability for:

  • officials (including Accounting Officers); and
  • non executive board members

of government departments, executive agencies, NDPBs, NHS bodies and public corporations. Courses, lasting from 2 hours up to a whole day, can be arranged at a time and place to suit your organisation’s specific requirements. Care is taken to ensure that the course content is designed in a way that takes account of your organisation’s operating environment and governance arrangements.

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