Accounting Officer training:

“All expectations delivered; Brian’s facilitative style and expertise much appreciated”

“Content of presentations and delivery methods very useful and informative”

“Good use of visual aids to stimulate debate and discussion which contributed to shared learning”

“Excellent – very well structured and targeted”

“Brian Whalley is an excellent and informative figure”

“Good update regarding the role of the Accounting Officer, best practice in governance and procurement”

“Covered all the issues I had in mind prior to my attendance”

“A good overview of the issues and sources of guidance – thank you”

Managing Public Money for the SCS:

“Excellent update on accountability and governance”

“…provided a sound reminder of what is required; this course should be part of SCS induction”

“…material presented in a way which maintained interest, with focus on key points”

“I have attended many such training events – this was the par excellence version- exceptional in conveying practical tools and tips, great examples, well delivered”

“I had not expected to learn much – in fact I learned a lot and many good ideas to refine our practice are coming to mind”

“Satisfied my requirement for a refresher on accountability issues”

“Excellent refresher course – pragmatic examples used”

“The format and presentation made the topic much more immediate and video clips reinforced learning in a helpful way”

“The seminar helped clarify a number of areas where my knowledge was not comprehensive”

“Comprehensive outline of all the key issues –  clear and interesting presentation”

“Suggest it should be mandatory for all new SCS within 6 months of appointment”

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