Governance and Accountability for Accounting and Accountable Officers – June 2012

Suggested further reading

1. Managing Public Money Northern Ireland, DFP (note chapter 3: role of the accounting officer)

2. Managing Public Money (Treasury version) 2011: new Annex 3.1 The governance statement – see Treasury DAO 2/12

3. Management of risk – principles and concepts, HM Treasury (Orange Book)

4. Good Practice in Risk Management, Northern Ireland Audit Office, June 2011

5. Regularity, Propriety and Value for Money, HM Treasury, November 2004. See Proper Conduct of Public Business Checklist)

6. Managing Information Risk: a guide for Accounting Officers, Board member and Senior Information Risk Owners, October 2008

7. Revised GB Corporate Governance Code for departments HM Treasury July 2011 (NOT ADOPTED IN NORTHERN IRELAND). See however the guidance on Arm’s Length Bodies Chapter 6

8. Managing taxpayers money wisely HM Treasury, January 2011

9. GUIDANCE ON REVIEWS OF NON DEPARTMENTAL PUBLIC BODIES Annex B Principles of Good Governance in Executive NDPBs (Cabinet Office document, applies to GB bodies) June 2011

10. The good governance standard for public services, CIPFA/OPM. Published by the Institute for Government:

11. Read Before Burning: how to increase the effectiveness and accountability of quangos, Institute for Government

12. It takes two: How to create effective relationships between government and arm’s- length bodies, Institute for Government (March 2012)

13. Transparency in arm’s length bodies: a guide to best practice, Institute for Government, (September 2011)

14. The good governance standard for public services, CIPFA/OPM

15. Good practice in risk management NIAO

16. Improving public sector efficiency – Good practice checklist for public bodies NIAO

Prepared by Brian Whalley, Public Accountability Training Ltd, for the Northern Ireland Chief Executives Forum

7 June 2012

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