Managing public money

Managing Public Money for the Senior Civil Service (SCS) and senior staff in ALBs

Brian offers programmes for the SCS and for senior executives in ALBs covering the responsibilities of senior staff with regard to their duties contained in Managing Public Money, in particular Chapter 3 (The role of the Accounting Officer)

Programmes have been run for organisations such as DECC, Forestry Commission Wales, Tribunals Service, VOSA, Postwatch, National Museum of Science and Industry, NESTA, British Library. The purpose is to focus participants on their duty to actively support the Accounting Officer, act responsibly and promote the highest standards of governance, and to ensure that they are familiar with the governance and financial management standards expected of an Accounting Officer’s organisation.

The proper conduct of public business

Brian can also run short programmes using studies to illustrate the requirement for public bodies to operate in accordance with Parliament’s intentions and Treasury delegated authority whilst also upholding the highest ethical standards.

ALB staff (all levels) induction programmes

Brian has also run short tailored programmes aimed at staff at all levels working in Executive NDPBs to appraise them of what it means to be an arm’s length body and to give an overview of the corporate governance arrangements that apply to NDPBs particularly with regard to the stewardship of public funds including concepts of regularity and propriety.

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