Northern Ireland

Corporate Governance and Accountability programmes

Brian works regularly in Northern Ireland, both on open programmes organised by the Chief Executives Forum (WEB LINK HERE) and in the provision of tailored programmes for individual client organisations. (See
list of client organisations for whom Brian has worked).

Open programmes organised by the Chief Executives Forum are run under the generic heading of Governance and Accountability. Courses are organised at least twice a year for the following audiences:
– Accounting and Accountable Officers;
– Senior managers (working in support of the Accounting Officer);
– Non Executive board members of Arm’s Length Bodies (ALBs);
– Non Executive board members on the boards of government departments;
– Audit Committee members (run in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Audit Office)

Tailored programmes are designed to meet the needs of a particular organisation and may comprise:

– Induction training for a newly constituted ALB board or for newly appointed board members;
– Refresher training for ALB board members;
– Board development sessions (which may involve a board evaluation exercise)

Managing Public Money: principles and practice regarding the proper conduct of public business. The essence of this programme is ensuring that delegates understand the Accounting Officer role and their personal responsibility for providing support and assurance, and ensuring that their colleagues are conversant with the governance regime and delegations under which their
organisation operates.

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