Northern Ireland Clients

Brian has worked with the boards of the following Northern Ireland public bodies:

  • AFBI;
  • Arc 21;
  • Consumer Council NI;
  • Construction Industry Training Board Northern Ireland;
  • Education and Library Boards and CCMS (on behalf of DENI);
  • Ilex;
  • Labour Relations Agency NI;
  • Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission
  • Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission;
  • Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company;
  • Northern Ireland Museums Council;
  • Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency;
  • NIPEC;
  • Parades Commission;
  • PSNI;
  • Policing Board NI;
  • Police Rehabilitation and Retraining Trust;
  • Probation Board NI;
  • RDP Joint Council Committees (on behalf of DARD);
  • RQIA;
  • Southern Regional College;
  • Ulster Scots Agency.

Brian has also worked with senior officials in the following organisations:

  • Northern Ireland Civil Service Commissioners;
  • Forensic Science Service NI;
  • Public Prosecution Service NI;
  • Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

Brian has also run courses for

  • the Northern Ireland Audit Office;
  • and the Department of Finance and Personnel.

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